We understand this is a difficult time for re arranging bookings, as well as a difficult time for ourselves. We will gladly move your booking to a new date subject to availabilty, there may be a slight price increase as costs increase for us each year, this will be added to your latest invoice.


Autograph Chauffeurs’ main goal is ensuring the health and safety of our customers and Drivers. Autograph Chauffeurs are following Government, and Local health guidelines as well as public safety regulations along with guidelines adhering to strict sanitation procedures.
  • We are advising passengers if they can, wear a face covering in an enclosed space where social distancing isn’t possible and we are only collecting from 1 household with 1 drop off point.
  • Autograph Chauffeurs does NOT provide protective face coverings or gloves to passengers. It is the passenger’s responsibility to provide their own.
  • If a driver feels uncomfortable with providing transport to a visibly sick passenger for safety reasons, the driver can choose to refuse transport.


Chauffeurs are assessed for the following symptoms prior to beginning their shift

All Our Chauffers Wear Mask and Gloves

The chauffeur must always wear a protective cloth face mask and latex gloves while on shift and carry hand-sanitizer. Passenger windows are recommended to be slightly open for ventilation purposes.

Vehicles Are Always Sanitized

In addition, chauffeurs sanitize the vehicle in-between rides. In-car air filters meet original equipment manufacturer standards and are changed as recommended.

The following procedures have also been implemented regarding the safety of our chauffeurs and cleaning of vehicles:
• Our Company performs temperature and wellness checks on every chauffeur at the beginning of each shift.
• A thorough cleaning of each vehicle’s interior and exterior is being conducted daily.
• CE approved cleaning supplies have been provided to each chauffeur to be used between trips.
• Vehicle approved sanitary fogging
• Interior surfaces are being wiped down and sprayed before and after each trip.
• Chauffeurs are always required to wear face masks with the customer in the vehicle.
• All sharable items have been removed from the backseat pockets of each vehicle.
• Chauffeurs will ONLY handle luggage with gloves.
• Chauffeurs will limit the contact with the client and avoid the shaking of hands.
As is our normal practice, we instruct all employees to seek medical care immediately if they feel ill or running a temperature. Of course, we do not allow any visibly sick employees to report to work. We are encouraging our team members who can work effectively from home to do so, minimizing in-office staffing levels.
  • The 1+ meter social distancing rule will always be applied where possible.
  • Chauffeurs will wear protective gloves and face masks.
  • Chauffeurs will refrain from shaking hands with passengers.
  • The chauffeur will open and close all passenger doors.
  • We recommended passengers to use their own face masks
  • Facial masks, hand sanitiser, tissue and wipes are provided in the vehicle.
  • All magazines usually available have been removed.
  • After each journey and before the next passenger’s, chauffeurs will repeat the sanitation process on all touch points.
  • Any chauffeur that becomes aware that they may have come in contact with a passenger with C-19 symptoms will withdraw from service and self-isolate.
  • Payment can be also be made by card over phone or Bank Transfer before journey
Recognised in the industry and by clients for providing a safe, reliable and a very personal bespoke service, Autograph Chauffeurs continue to move forward revising and refining safety protocols through these uncertain times. Your safety and those of your families and colleagues have always been and will always remain our highest priority.
Our goal, as always is to make every journey a pleasure. You will enjoy the journey if you are relaxed. Confident the chauffeur is doing everything can to keep you safe. Trust your safety with our friendly, experienced professional chauffeurs and discover why we believe we are the best and strive to be the best. Bar none. Don’t settle for the new normal, or reduced-fat service. Even during this tragic time, our full-fat, full-on, luxury service is guaranteed to make your journey a pleasure. Or at the very least carry you safely. And in the ultimate luxury, comfort and style. Even now, luxury is standard. Let our good drivers protect you, on your travels.
Autograph Luxury Chauffeurs.

We will get through it TOGETHER!

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